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Vision Statement

Equal Justice is the objective of a fully evolved democratic republic as envisioned by the founding principles of this great nation. JAG is committed to making that objective a reality. The members of the Maine Justice Action Group envision a future where every resident of the State of Maine, regardless of their economic or social circumstances, enjoys equal justice under law.

The Justice Action Group (JAG) is a judge-led coalition of leaders of Maine’s legal community, including state and federal judges, legislative leaders, nonprofit civil legal aid providers, University of Maine’s School of Law, Maine Justice Foundation, the Maine State Bar Association, the Maine Trial Lawyers Association, practicing attorneys and others who are passionate about helping all Maine people have access to civil justice.

JAG advocates for a system of justice that is fair to all and accommodates Mainers who have low incomes or are vulnerable, and who in many ways and at all levels, are not represented by traditional means. We seek to achieve the objective of “justice for all” by obtaining increased support from public and private sources; raising awareness among the legal community, legislature, and public about the needs of Mainers who face daunting barriers to civil justice; encouraging greater pro bono representation by lawyers; sharing of resources between legal services providers; and facilitating access to justice in innovative and creative ways.

Economic Impact of Civil Legal Aid Services in Maine

A new study shows services provided by six core legal aid providers to low-income individuals and households in Maine have a positive economic impact on the State.

The providers include the Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic of the University of Maine School of Law, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, Legal Services for the Elderly, Maine Equal Justice Partners, Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project, and Pine Tree Legal Assistance.

Commissioned by Maine’s Justice Action Group, a judge-led coalition of organizations committed to legal aid and access to justice, the study was conducted by Todd Gabe, Professor of Economics at the University of Maine, as a private consulting project. Funders include the Fisher Foundation, the Maine Justice Foundation, Lanham Blackwell & Baber, and Steven Blackwell, Esq.

Please view the attached PDF report for more information. gabe-report-submitted-november-14-2016